Our Cells, Our Selves

Key Topics
immune system, pancreas, digestion, juvenile diabetes, metabolism

Travel along on a richly-animated, dreamy bedtime story and explore the wonders of the immune system through the eyes of 7-year old Sylvie, who has just been diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. Trace its development through hundreds of millions of years, from the metabolism of early organisms to today. Learn what happens when things go wrong and how regenerative medicine might hold the potential for future cures for auto-immune diseases, like Juvenile Diabetes.

Our Cells, Our Selves debuted at the Carnegie Science Center Buhl Planetarium as the world’s first digital-dome planetarium show about regenerative medicine!

• High-definition animated movie for home or classroom
• Full-dome planetarium video

Grade Level: Elementary school and up

Run-time: 16 min

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Our Cells, Our Selves
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